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Ilinca Harja Iliescu

București, Romania


In the sparrow nest the story is nearly complete. The 5 nestlings are ready to leave the nest for the first time! They eat a lot of bugs and now it is time to learn how to live on their own.


Breeding birds

Almost Grown Ups!

6 responses to “Almost grown ups!”

  1. birdlover says:


  2. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:

    By the way, did the Eastern Bluebird chick fledged?

  3. birdlover says:

    No, the nest was attacked by Brazilian kiskadees. I tried to save the last baby (it was on the ground) but soon Died shortly after

  4. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:

    Ohhh, I’m really sorry to hear that. Did it develop normally? I mean, did the sparrow chicks compete more with it for food than with each other?

  5. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:

    I don’t think I will continue to check the nest, because the chicks are ready to fledge. If they do, I’ll post photos with them.

  6. birdlover says:


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