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Temple, TX, USA

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Species: White-winged Dove

Baby Doves Going To Rehab

Babies going to rehab!

12 responses to “Baby doves going to rehab”

  1. NP says:

    Cute but sad.

  2. Robyn Bailey says:

    Oh no, what happened?

  3. NP says:

    the babies and mom got attacked by a blue jay found them on the ground. one babys neck got broken,the other a wing injury.

  4. NP says:

    sadly they both didn’t make it through the night. very sad.

  5. NP says:

    do you do ebird?

  6. Micah Grove says:

    I do eBird. Very sad that they died?

  7. NP says:

    Yes. at least they were comfortable.

  8. NP says:

    Is your profile private?

  9. Micah Grove says:

    My profile is not private.

  10. NP says:

    OK , for some reason i cant find it.

  11. NP says:

    now I found you! thanks. i also friended you on ebird!

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