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Oaklynn Price

Temple, TX, USA


Breeding birds


Baby Downy Woodpecker Gets A Scare!

Baby (the one you can see), and Dad (the head),

9 responses to “Baby downy woodpecker gets a scare!”

  1. Coco Quinn says:

    Aww! Baby was chocking?!

  2. Oaklynn price says:

    Yes, It was for at least thirty seconds, but then it coughed up the suet.

  3. HeartForNature says:

    😑 đŸĨē ☚ī¸ 😨 😅

  4. Coco Quinn says:

    Aww, poor thing! I’m glad it’s okay.đŸ˜Ē😔đŸ˜ŦđŸ˜ĸ😭

  5. Oaklynn price says:

    Me too!

  6. Texas Bird Family says:

    Do you have a bird bath?

  7. Sandi Williams says:

    When do woodpecker babies hatch and leave the nest area?

    • Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Sandi, Downy Woodpeckers incubate their eggs for about 12 days and brood the young for another 18-21 days before the young are ready to leave the nest. Then, those fledglings will stick around their parents for at least another 3 weeks while they learn how to fly more strongly and forage for themselves.

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