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Paula Thomas

Burlington, VT


Late March a finch built a nest in my Christmas wreath. On April 3rd I noted 3 eggs. April 4th there were 4 eggs. On April 12th there were 5 eggs. On April 19th all 5 had hatched. Lots of activity over the last week or so.


Baby Finches In A Christmas Wreath

4 responses to “Baby finches in a Christmas wreath”

  1. thegbird says:

    just curious is the wreath in a highly used area? and if so what do you do to keep them not disturbed?

    • Paula T says:

      Yes, it’s hung on a window on my front porch. Now we use the back door , so we don’t disturb our sweet tentants!

  2. Paula T says:

    The wreath is hung on a window on my front porch. Once we spotted the nest we started using the back entrance to the house.

  3. thegbird says:


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