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Margaret Poethig

Milton Grove, Pennsylvania, USA


Wandering down the street near my brother’s weekend house in Lancaster, PA, I found this beautiful Baltimore Oriole’s nest and the adults feeding the nestlings. This is the first Oriole I have ever encountered and I was stunned by how beautiful it is.


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Species: Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole Feeds Nestlings In Nest

Male Baltimore Oriole perched on the nest

4 responses to “Baltimore Oriole feeds nestlings in nest”

  1. Caleb Koser says:


  2. Paula says:

    Beautiful bird and interesting nest.

  3. Debra Bury says:

    I have a long, narrow nest in my tree. I can not identify it. Can you help?

    • Holly Grant, NestWatch Staff says:

      Hi Debra, Please send your nest ID questions to Feel free to include photos and please tell us the state/province you found it in as well as a brief description of the surrounding habitat (residential area, forest, agricultural fields, etc.).

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