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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, USA


While Nest Watching, I have also been watching and hearing a barred owl family living in our 8 acres of mixed woods, with two small ponds. The nest was off our property. So, I could only barely see the large twig structure from the property line. But, once the babes were out of the nest (“branching”), I heard them calling mom or dad for food, day and night! (It is a one note call that is repeated continually till food arrives. It is easy to ID, as it is a soft high pitch and raspy.)

On May 1, I located the source of the sound I was hearing and took the photo of the feather ball babe seen in the first photo.

At that time, I thought there was only one owlet. However, as the months progressed, I realized that I was hearing two youngsters calling. So, I was very happy when I finally saw the twins at dusk, perched on a low tree limb near my house. Their calls were particularly loud and desperate sounding!

On June 9th, I followed the calls for the last time! I have not heard the twins since that day. I was thrilled to see this mature owlet. Its sibling was up higher in the tree, so I could not get a good photo of him or her.

Then, the next day, I happened to see one of the adults, checking me out as I walked in our woods. Fortunately, I had my camera handy. I’ve learned not to leave my house empty handed.



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Barred Owl Family

Hey! Who are you way down there, looking way up here and pointing that black thing at me? You are scary looking!

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