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Charles Pappas

Millersville, PA, USA


Wren Eggs, 4 total


Bewick Wren Eggs

Bewick Wren Eggs, 4 total

One response to “Bewick Wren Eggs”

  1. Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi Charles, Bewick’s Wrens live in the western US – what you have here is a Carolina Wren nest, Congrats! Bewick’s Wrens build nests in tree cavities or nest boxes, with a very small entrance hole, whereas Carolina Wrens build domed, messy nests like this one, and are often located in the nooks and crannies around houses (like overturned flowerpots, in boxes, boots, or coat pockets left outside, or in garages) and in dense shrubbery. I’ve updated the species associated with this photo.

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