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Susan Mack

Denham Springs, LA, United States


5 Bluebird chicks.


Nests in boxes

Bluebird Chicks

5 baby Bluebird chicks

One response to “Bluebird chicks”

  1. Pearl Smith says:

    I sat on the portch with my camera , got pics of three blue birds as they were leaving the bird home, it was so exciting, especially, one that tetter totter on the edge before it came on outand down to the ground , they flipped around getting their wings, they finely went into the bushes at th edge of the yard, ,yes it was extremely exciting since i probably will never have that chance again, because it was a big round copper domed martin house sitting about eight ft. Off the ground had never heard of a blue bird nesting in a purple martin house before, they neasted in it for2 or 3 yrs.,then next door 1yr and came over to eat meal worms, don’t know where they nest now still see them some times , got to where i could whistle for them to come for meal worms, they would land on the portch rail , i would whistle low and pitch a few worms down they would come down on the floor iwould whistlelow again.they came closer and would eat the worms.. i don’t know if i would have believed it or not if someone else told me, but it’s true, my husband didn’t believe me untill he came to the kitchin door and was just unbelievable and so wonderful. Still come to where i put meal worms,but won’t come to the floor any more.

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