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Norfolk, VA, USA


After just putting out our spring wreath, we found a couple birdies stealing from it.. a week later they made a nest.. then came the eggs!

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Species: House Finch

Cowbird Egg In House Finch Nest

Our wreath that the house finches we’re picking on for a few days

9 responses to “Cowbird egg in house finch nest”

  1. Coco Quinn says:

    Cowbirds, I don’t like them. I appreciate all birds, but Cowbirds are SO invasive!

  2. Kaelis N. says:

    I can TOTALLY relate!!!

  3. Micah Grove says:

    I HATE Cowbirds, had two Song Sparrow nests and both of them had a Cowbird egg.

  4. Owls 3.0 says:

    I hope those baby House Finches won’t die because of that greedy cowbird! Please keep us updated!! 🙂

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi, Brown-headed Cowbird eggs typically do poorly in House Finch nests, as the cowbird nestlings need insects to survive, and House Finches are one of the few species that feeds a mostly vegetarian diet to their young.

  5. Coco Quinn says:

    I agree with both of you, they’re so lazy! They really have no purpose, and they really should’ve never been introduced into America. To make things worse, they’re protected which i don’t even get! Why is something so invasive and lazy protected?!

  6. Owls 3.0 says:

    I didn’t know that! Thank you!

  7. Coco Quinn says:

    Thank you! But i still don’t like them, and it will stay that way. But i respect people with other perspectives, because if no one had their own opinions this world would be very different.😉

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