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Sharon Cardin

Nashville, TN, USA


While photographing Eastern Bluebirds bringing insects to their nestlings in a tree hole, I “caught” a juvenile also bringing insects to its (presumed) siblings!! What a surprise!! The juvenile entered the tree hole four times with insects over the course of about an hour-and-a-half while the parents also fed the nestlings. The male bluebird had to wait his turn while the juvenile was in the tree hole.

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Eastern Bluebird Juvenile Feeds Nestlings

Eastern Bluebird juvenile with insect for nestlings in tree hole nest in Nashville, TN, on 6/23/22

4 responses to “Eastern Bluebird Juvenile Feeds Nestlings”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    Interesting, is it normal for a juvenile Bluebird to feed its siblings?

    • Ella McGlaughlin says:

      Yes, surprisingly. It’s not uncommon for juveniles from the last brood to “help” the adults with the next brood!🥰

  2. Ella McGlaughlin says:

    How cool! It’s really interesting how these birds interact, and very special that you were able to not only witness this, but capture on camera!

  3. we have a box with babies in it to

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