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Glenda Simmons

Tallahassee, FL, United States


This is the third your in a row, that this nest box has been used by a GCF pair, perhaps the same pair. It took seven days to complte, and was constructed with straws and grasses, leaves, animal fur, at least, one feather, plastic Publix grocery bag, and last, but not least, at least two different pieces of shed snake skin, added on last two nest construction days. This female appears to have high standards, always shopping for Publix bags. She’s never used a bag from Wal-mart! 🙂


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GCF Nest Construction

One response to “GCF Nest Construction”

  1. I forgot to mention with my submission, that the trees and shrubs appear close to the nesting box, in the video clip. They are not, and are over 10 feet away. this box is very safe, mounted on a 8 ft pole with a 8×24 inch stove pipe predator guard.

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