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Ryan Tracy

Markle, IN, USA


This check didn’t go so well…one babe has expired,so we’re down to two. Lately mommys been active and feeding,but as of yesterday,I haven’t seen her on the nest(even at night) and haven’t seen her feed yet today. If there’s no changes by tomorrow,I’m going to see if DNR,or anyone else that can step in and care for these two babes…. Wish me (and them) luck…until next time…keep watching!


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Species: American Goldfinch

Got Some Problems…:(

2 responses to “Got some problems…:(”

  1. Robyn @ NestWatch says:

    Hi Ryan, These babies look big enough that they can thermoregulate on their own, and therefore it’s expected that the mom would stop sleeping on the nest at that point. It’s also normal for the female to withdraw from feeding them as often, letting the male take over that responsibility. I would not intervene in this nest, as it actually seems to be progressing normally. Best of luck to them!

  2. Samantha L'Ecuyer says:

    So cute how did you get the picture?

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