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Allyson Maiolo

North Port, FL, USA


We have a youtube playlist of these Great Crested Flycatchers in our nest box. I try to add a video every day. They have now been building their nest for 11 days, hoping for eggs soon!

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Category: Great Crested Flycatcher Project

Great Crested Flycatchers

Male and Female Great Crested Flycatchers - nest building

7 responses to “Great Crested Flycatchers”

  1. Owls3.0 says:

    Awesome pics and the video!

  2. Coco Quinn says:

    Nice photos!

  3. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Allyson, We’d love you to report on this nest officially as a NestWatch participant. You can upload photos of the nest material, including the snakeskin. We have an ongoing project right now that is investigating the benefits (or lack thereof) of using snakeskin as a nesting material. You can learn more here:

  4. Allyson Maiolo says:

    I have already added it on nestwatch 🙂 Not sure how to link to it here though.

    This nest has TONS of snakeskin in it!!

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Allyson, There is an option on the data entry page to link photos to specific nest visits – Please upload the image there in order to attach it to the data in our database.

  5. Allyson Maiolo says:

    It is NESTING ATTEMPT – A1388562

  6. Allyson Maiolo says:

    I have added several photos there 🙂

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