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sherryl godfrey

San Diego, CA, United States


Hooded orioles are thriving in our neighborhood. You can see them when you go on walks hanging out in the high palm trees. This nest is only about 6 feet from the ground, but is pretty safe from predators. These little guys are miracles. The palm leaf they are in broke down and I had to duck tape it back up to another leaf and the stalk of the tree to keep it going. And then it started to die so I had to create a wooden stake that I painted lime green like the leaf and put it under the leaf with an old oriole nest on the top of it and nestled it in right next to the nest. Working great so far!


Hooded Oriole Nest In The Middle Of San Diego NeighborhooD!

Momma Hooded Oriole laid two eggs on June 25, and these additional two on June 27th.

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