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Marie Riedel

Washington, VA, USA


Nest looks like a tree swallow, but these are not ts eggs.


Nests in boxes

House Sparrow Or Something Else?

Need ID

2 responses to “House Sparrow or something else?”

  1. thegbird says:

    looks like tit eggs the lighting isn’t very good, could you describe the eggs? are the speckles brown or gray? are the eggs light blue or white? also look for the parent birds that will help id and tell when the eggs will hatch. probably not sparrow but i could be wrong. keep us posted!!

  2. Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

    Hi Marie, This is likely a House Sparrow nest. House Sparrows often incorporate feathers into their nesting materials, but the nest looks more “messy” than a Tree Swallow’s. Here is an example of a House Sparrow nest for you to compare, and another example here.

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