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Joe J.

Hockessin, DE, United States


These are photos of the House Wrens in my nest box. They were rather late arrivals.


Nests in boxes


House Wrens

Seven House Wren eggs (19 May 2016). Lots of eggs in a tiny space.

4 responses to “House Wrens”

  1. mason singer says:

    i have a male and female house wren in my blue bird nest box in my yard they are succesful

  2. Lisa Paglieroni-Jasalavich says:

    I put up two boxes about a month ago. Yesterday I noticed male and female Blue Birds and today House Wrens.I don’t know if there are any eggs yet,but the House Wrens are very busy making a nest. This is my first attempt at “nesting” so wish me luck.

    • Sheri says:

      Wrens do seem to be very busy little things! Mine have four eggs as of this morning. It took them about three days to build and then start laying. Last year they laid six eggs, so I will hope for that again. Good luck!

  3. Dũng says:

    can u tell me what kind of bird is that? because i have just find one^^

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