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Texas Bird Family

Villages Of Bear Creek, TX, USA


We watched this mockingbird grow up from a newly fledged bird and watched his mother feed him. Lately, for the past couple of weeks, he gets attacked daily and the adults that attack him dig their claws into him. The poor bird couldn’t defend himself because he was very thin at the time. His feathers were matted and in horrible shape. He has gotten bigger since he has been visiting the peanut butter “swing” but still looks horrible. Any ideas? He has lost a lot of weight.



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Hurt Mockingbird

5 responses to “Hurt Mockingbird”

  1. Ella McGlaughlin says:

    I don’t know much about mockingbirds, but some species will kill their young if the adult believes it to be the weakest one/have physical defects/ have an illness. I couldn’t find much information about whether mockingbirds in particular do or do not do this. This also normally occurs at a much younger stage in life. If he is losing weight, that could be an illness that an adult picks up on. Nature can be cruel, I hope this little guy recovers!!

  2. Texas Bird Family says:

    I was looking at recent pictures on eBird and recently lots of Mockingbirds have the same head! so…

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