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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, USA


This Northern Cardinal nest is well hidden in a bushy cedar tree. I needed a step ladder to get a good view of the three nestlings, which are really packed into the small nest. The mom and dad were in the nearby trees softly chirping their concerns.


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I Need Some ID, Please! You Are NOT A N. Cardinal!

Wait! You are NOT a Northern Cardinal!

3 responses to “I need some ID, please! You are NOT a N. Cardinal!”

  1. robin ellison says:

    Oh no, is that a cowbird baby?

  2. Donna Barski says:

    Hi Robin,

    Don’t worry, this is not a cowbird chick! I wrote the title and caption as if the Cardinal Nestling was questioning me – as I looked into the nest to take the photo! Sorry for the confusion.

  3. robin ellison says:

    Oh, thanks for letting me know. Cute pic!

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