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Heart ForNature

Danville, KY, USA


This bird has been coming to my feeder to eat suet for a few days now. I’ve tried to ID it with Merlin and my bird books, but I cannot identify it! Kentucky… the most unfortunate and wonderful place to bird. Last time I couldn’t ID a yellow bird eating at my feeders, it turned out to be a female Painted Bunting!!!!! (Which are extremely rare here, in case you didn’t know.) But this bird has too slender, pointy, and dark of a beak to be a Painted Bunting. Besides, I’m pretty sure the chances of that happening again are very slim. Can anyone identify this bird?!? I’ve been at a loss for days, so ANY ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!



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4 responses to “ID HELP”

  1. Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

    Hello, This is a Pine Warbler – you can learn more about this species here. They often come to feeders for sunflower seeds, mealworms, suet, and/or peanut hearts.

  2. Kylie Beevers says:

    Hello. I think the bird you saw is a pine warbler, which commonly breed in Kentucky. Pine Warblers are Yellowish birds with olive backs, whitish bellies, and two prominent white wing bars on gray wings. It’s the only warbler that will eat seeds, millet, cracked corn, or suet.

  3. HeartForNature says:

    Yes. Thank you. It is definitely a Pine Warbler.

  4. Texas Bird Family says:

    Hello, HeartForNature, I think Pine Warbler.

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