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Caleb Koser

Visitor Center Road, Bar Harbor, ME, USA


At the visitor center,we saw this bird in the parking lot we saw this bird,we scooped it up with a book,than it flew on my cloths,than it flew on my sisters arm.ID please!!I think it is a immature nashville walbler.



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ID Please!!This Bird Is Fine,it Flew Away.(:I Think It Is An Immature Nashville Walbler.

ID please!!

13 responses to “ID please!!This bird is fine,it flew away.(:I think it is an immature nashville walbler.”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    I think it is an immature male Common Yellowthroat.

  2. I know it is an immature,but I looked it up & it looked like a immature nashville warbler,but it’s not a Common yellowthoat.

    • Ava Johnson says:

      Are you sure? Nashville Warblers have gray heads, that bird does not. And it looks like that bird has some black under its eyes, like an immature male Common Yellowthroat. Also, this bird has a black upper beak and pale lower beak, like Common Yellowthroats. In all the photos I saw of Nashville Warblers, they have fully gray beaks. I used the Merlin Bird Identification app and Common Yellowthroat popped up but Nashville Warbler did not.

  3. Ok,You might be right. I will check if the location live in bar harbor,maine.

  4. They do live in all of maine,breeding-common,which I looked up on audubon.The picture looks like a adult female common yellowthroat or a immature male.

  5. At first we didn’t know what to do.

  6. Texas Bird Family says:

    Female Common Yellow Throat

  7. Texas Bird Family says:


  8. I never seen a Common yellowthroat before.

  9. It might be a Yellow-brested chat.

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