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Connie Allen

Middleburg, FL, USA


This is our second year with this Bluebird couple but our first year nest watching. We purchased a $35 Endoscope to put in the hole to capture pictures and collect our data. I did not want to open up the box, I feel this is less invasive.


Nests in boxes

Just Hatched Today!

Just hatched today! Not sure if there are 3 or 4 yet.

2 responses to “Just hatched today!”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Connie. Great idea with the endoscope! I see 4 babies in the first photo if I count just the yellow beaks. I often find it’s easier to count tiny hatchlings when you just focus on the beaks and not the tangled limbs. Have fun NestWatching!

  2. Connie Allen says:

    Thanks so much Robyn! Great idea. I will try that next time. Yes the $35 endoscope works great with my cell phone, the only down side is the screen is hard to see out in the sun when you are trying to take a pic quickly! Thanks for the comment.

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