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phil rathner

Delray Beach, FL, USA


Birds have one vent called the cloaca. The cloaca serves as the only opening for the digestive, reproductive and urinary tracts! in this photograph it’s quite visible, after mating!

Loggerhead Shrikes Mating!

Loggerhead Shrikes Mating!

5 responses to “Loggerhead Shrikes Mating!”

  1. Coco Quinn says:

    You have some really good pics! This one and the other one of the Loggerheads are great captures! I like how you put a little bird lesson in the description for those of us who don’t know what the cloaca is!

  2. Coco Quinn says:

    Great job!


    Thanks for your nice comment!

  4. Coco Quinn says:

    Your welcome! I always say what i mean 😊

  5. thegbird says:


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