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Carol Johnston

Oklahoma 1, Wilburton, Latimer County, OK, United States


A pair of Canada Geese started a nest on an island in our pond, in view of the house on March 20, 2016.
I named them Lucy and Desi. Lucy lay 4 very large cream colored eggs and covered them with down. She stayed on the nest each day and only got off for about 45 minutes each day between 6-7 p.m. Desi always was close by watching for any trouble. He ran off two beavers, a blue heron, and several times had to run off other geese in the area, that may be related. Desi and Lucy had been a member of 5 geese checking out the area, they ran off the other 3. These same 3 came back several times only to be chased off.
On April 18th the eggs began to hatch and on April 19th, four little goslings fledged! They swam all around with Lucy and Desi. They come up on the lawn to eat. They are so cute. They seem to be staying here which suits me fine.


Lucy, Desi And Four Fledglings

Lucy and Desi and 4 Fledged chicks. They fledged April 19, 2016. They are staying on ouR pond and come up in the yard to feed.

2 responses to “Lucy, Desi and four fledglings”

  1. It has been so enjoyable to be a part of nest watch. Thank you!

  2. Chelsea- NestWatch assistant says:

    Hi Carol, we are so glad to hear that you are enjoying NestWatch! Thank you for your contributions. Happy birding!

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