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Jamie Trouskie

82 Camic Road, Central Square, NY, USA


Mama Robin has been sitting on the nest more frequently. She’s probably got eggs now but haven’t been able to check and don’t know if the ladder would reach that high. I would have to go really high up in order to take a picture of the eggs if she wasen’t on the nest and off feeding.


Mama Robin On The Nest Probably Incubating Eggs

Mama Robin on the nest. Can some please rotate my image to the upright position please.

2 responses to “Mama Robin on the nest probably incubating eggs”

  1. Claude Peloquin says:

    Why do they prefer on the rooftop rather than on the shelf? Are the sides hiding too much view? May be the box should be made with no sides at all. Just a shelf under an eaves -dropping is success full, 2 results so far.

  2. Jamie Trouskie says:

    Claude we bought the shelf like that and theres nothing we can do about it. I have no control where the robins builds there nest but at least its being used anyways.

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