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Amelia Rosales

Clifton, NJ, United States


sparrow sat on nest for 7 days before…


Mama Sparrow Abandon Eggs?

2 responses to “mama sparrow abandon eggs?”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hi Amelia,
    These are typical Mourning Dove eggs (solid white, just two eggs). If there was a sparrow on this nest before, it was probably just trying it out as a possibility, but it looks like the doves won out. Sparrow eggs are speckled and there are usually 4-6. Good luck to your doves!

  2. Amelia Rosales says:

    Thank you, Robyn! That explains everything. A sparrow sat on that nest for a week. Found those 2 eggs day after. Yesterday, 2 not sparrow birds sat on those eggs but flew away when they saw me on the window. This nest is on top of pine tree, I had cut the top off couple of years ago so it doesn’t block my bay window. I hope that Mourning Dove comes back…

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