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Edie Wieder

Needham, MA, USA


Nests in boxes


Momma Tree Swallow Refusing To Abandon Babes

Tree swallow and newborns

2 responses to “Momma tree swallow refusing to abandon babes”

  1. jennifer frost says:

    Why would she have to abandon the babies?

  2. Edie Wieder says:

    Good question, Jennifer! I monitor several nest boxes on a bluebird trail. That entails opening the door to the box, inspecting what’s inside quickly, noting number of eggs or hatchlings, etc and then quickly closing the door so as not to disturb the process. Most adult birds will freak out when the door is opened and leave the nest temporarily, during the inspection. Tree swallows, however, are quite bold and will often stay put when the door is opened, and even if a hand is put inside the box to move things out of the way in order to count. This particular bird refused to leave, no matter what. You have to admire that!

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