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Louis Voelcker

Boerne, TX, United States


Tragedy Too much risk to open box.


Nests in boxes

Mother Screech Owl In Nest Box And Chick After Falling Out

Today 5/4/16 this baby screech owl fell out of the nest box when I opened it. It fell 10 feet. It was still opening it's mouth and I put it back in through the round opening. Any chance it will survive? I feel awful.

3 responses to “mother screech owl in nest box and chick after falling out”

  1. robin ellison says:

    I’m so sorry, please keep us posted.

  2. Robyn Bailey says:

    Looks like it fell into some soft grass. I bet the little guy will be ok.

  3. Kerry says:

    Sweet mother and little baby… Those feet. 🙂 He looks fine. Like Robyn said, if he fell in the soft grass, I’m sure he’ll be all right. I know I would be mortified if it happened to me, of course. Post updates when you can!

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