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Jenny Mehlenbeck

Hartford, MI, USA


I hang two flower baskets by my front door every year. This year, the very day after I hung these I saw the beginnings of a nest. I left it be. A bird would be way cooler than some annual flowers. Sure enough, within a few days I saw a mourning dove sitting on there. So our front door is off limits for awhile. Mama bird has a good spot. The overhang is protecting her from the rain right now. She’s out of reach of pretty much any predators. I have lots of pine trees in my yard and they have nested there many times. This is a first for the flower pot. Very cool indeed.


Mourning Dove Nesting In My Hanging Basket

Mourning dove nesting in my hanging flower pot. Photographed through the bedroom window, sorry about the reflection of the blinds, and shot through a screen…. didn't want to scare mama.

One response to “Mourning dove nesting in my hanging basket”

  1. Mike says:

    We have a momma nesting right now in our hanging basket on the front porch. I hope the partner relieves her soon, she’s been there since last evening.

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