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Tonya Melton

Livonia, MI, USA


This tiny thing is about 8 inches of the ground in a hydrangea bush. It’s less than two inches long. The mornings are shaded by a large maple tree. We have no outdoor pets. I don’t know if hummingbirds make nests like this. The hole is a little bigger than a jelly belly, but not as large as a standard jelly bean. Maybe it’s the chrysalis from a swallowtail butterfly, but to me, the top hole looks too finished for a butterfly chewing it’s way out.


Unusual nests

Mystery Bird Nest Vs Chrysalis?

View from the top.

2 responses to “Mystery bird nest vs chrysalis?”

  1. Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

    This is indeed made by an insect. Hummingbird nests are differently shaped and made of different materials. You may find this blog post an interesting read!

  2. Christine Miller says:

    The image is definitely a moth cocoon. A year ago I watch one emerge which turned out to be a Polyphemus moth.

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