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Laura Bowles

Roigan Terrace, Monona, WI, United States


We have very persistent house wrens in our nest box. This box has been used by house sparrows a couple of years ago, last year we put a metal washer on the hole, so the house sparrows couldn’t make the hole bigger; this year a house wren staked claim to the box, and fought off a house sparrow earlier in the season. He has finally attracted a female; and there must be eggs in the box. They are very interesting birds, very pretty song. They should have plenty of insects to feed on with all the rain we’ve had; the mosquitoes will be all over here in a couple more days; It’s amazing how they can get sticks into the nest box which are larger than they are and turn them around so they fit through the hole. Over the past 5 years we have gradually added natural plants to our yard (replacing grass) and it’s amazing how many more birds, butterflies and dragonflies we now get. It just takes a little bit.


Nests in boxes


Nest Box House Wrenx

house wren with spider going back to nest box

2 responses to “Nest box house wrenx”

  1. John Haggis says:

    What is the diameter of the hole in the front of the House Wren Box?

  2. Holly Faulkner says:

    Hi John, House Wrens need an entrance hole of about 1 inch in diameter. For more information about their nest boxes and for construction plans, please visit
    -Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant

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