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Fayetteville, AR, USA


The nest is made of sticks and leaves. It’s at least 1 square foot, but possibly a little larger. It’s about 60 feet up but I’m not good with guessing height measurements. It’s towards the top of the tree, in a crotch from the main trunk. I have no idea how old it is, so I’m unsure if there was a body of water nearby when the nest was built. It’s a forest habitat, and a little bit of ways from the nest is an area that floods easily. I’ve seen Red-Shouldered Hawks, Red-Tailed Hawks, and Broad-Winged Hawks in my area. I’m guessing it’s a Red-Shouldered Hawk nest, but a Cooper’s Hawk nest is also pretty likely. Any ID help is appreciated!


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Nest ID Please! Suspected Hawk Nest


10 responses to “Nest ID please! Suspected hawk nest”

  1. Texas Bird Family says:

    Looks like a hawk nest.

  2. Does not look that big.

  3. Texas Bird Family says:

    It looks big to me. I think it’s a Red-Shouldered Hawk nest based on comparing pictures on google.

  4. Ava says:

    Update: It is actually an Eastern Gray Squirrel nest(drey). Now that it’s fall and I can see the nest better, it is actually a squirrel’s drey.

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