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Texas Bird Family

Katy, TX, USA


3 new baby mockingbirds at John Paul’s Landing Park. What’s weird is that there getting feathers but barely even have eyes!


Open cup nests

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New Baby Mockingbirds

Three baby mockingbirds

9 responses to “New baby mockingbirds”

  1. Caleb Koser says:

    So cute!

  2. Caleb Koser says:

    Our bears(2 of them, one small & one big) have taken our birdhouse down. Cracked 5 eggs(all of them). I fixed it, now the bluebirds are checking it out again, is there any ideas for them to stop them from doing this? We have our trashcan into the garage and we are thinking of a way to stop them from getting in to our trash. I think they were angry because they couldn’t get our trashcan.

    • Texas Bird Family says:

      I don’t have bears in my neighborhood backyard but if I were you then I’d use a baffle and mount the box higher, use a ladder if need be to check the nest.

  3. Caleb Koser says:

    We have a baffle. It’s a bluebird box. The bears are tall. I can’t mount it too high.

    • Texas Bird Family says:

      I just Googled it. Bluebirds make nests from 2 to 50 feet high.

      • Caleb Koser says:

        Not bears, but ants now. Ants are at the bottom of our bluebird nest. I am not to worried because their nest is built high and the ants are at the bottom. Also, their ants, not wasps or bees.

  4. Caleb Koser says:

    Like a owl box is higher up.

  5. Caleb Koser says:

    The ants are gone now.

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