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Doug Wipf

Rutland, MA, USA


This nest was discovered 4/28/24 while I was doing yard work. 2 of the 3 eggs had hatched and the 3rd was just starting. The last photo (5/1/24) shows all 3 successfully hatched.


Open cup nests

Northern Cardinal Nestlings

4 responses to “Northern Cardinal nestlings”

  1. Rachel Park says:

    Great photos! So cute!!

    • Doug Wipf says:

      Thank you! I’m glad I found them – I was checking the area because I want to remove some overgrown shrubs (juniper) next to this holly. That project is now on hold! I will be checking on the nest in the next day or two. The adults have been shuttling to/from the black oil sunflower seed feeder where they take 2 or 3; apparently shell them, then take the seeds (indirectly) to the nestlings. Interesting.

  2. Rachel Park says:

    Nice. Cardinals love black oil sunflower, because when I put it out, within 5-10 minutes they find it and gobble it up. Cardinals are very interesting.

  3. Doug Wipf says:

    I agree, Rachel – they are interesting and beautiful. And usually the last at the feeders.
    Once it’s dusk, and the cardinals have left, I bring the feeders in for the night (bears).

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