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Scott Davison

Woodstock, VT, United States


This ledge under our porch has been a successful nesting site for 4 consecutive years: 2012-2015. House was built in 2011. A pair of Phoebes is, as of today, 4/13/16 beginning a fifth nest in the exact same spot. It is right outside our kitchen window so we can monitor it daily. We have been lucky enough to observe the fledglings leave the nest in 3 of the four years. We are next to a river and we plant habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies instead of lawn. Apparently it is good for Phoebes as well. Every year but one they have successfully fledged two hatches. Most of the time there are at least 5 eggs successfully hatched and fledged.


Phoebe On Eggs.

A Mother's Patience.

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