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T Warren

Springfield, IL, USA


Unusual nests

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Please Help ID

Which bird created this nest? Picture is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. Springfield Illinois 23 December 2019 Please help ID by responding to Thank you

2 responses to “Please help ID”

  1. Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi T, the nest you have photographed was made by a type of wasp. Likely a paper wasp. These nests vary in size and shape, and are often found in trees – which is why they’re so easy to spot this time of year when the leaves are down. I hope this is helpful!

  2. Debbie - Columbia MO says:

    Hi, I agree that it looks like a paper wasp nest. I have found two over the years. One I found in a tree like yours, it looked messy and was falling apart. Probably harsh winds damaged it. The first one I found was hanging under the eaves of my roof. This one was large and almost perfect, really firm and tightly packed. Its a roundish, slightly oblong shape. Look at how they make the nest – it’s amazing. It is one layer over another, over another and it’s layered and really intricate. It looks like a master nest builder made it.

    I’m in awe of what little creatures can create. Spider webs can also be intricate – not the ones on the ceiling of your house or in the windows! I’ve found incredible webs outdoors.

    You don’t come across paper wasp nests often. I hope yours holds together so you can see the design of the layers.

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