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Burlington, VT, USA


American Goldfinches showed up today ~ mated pair I hope. Cute little Robins foraging about. Four House finch eggs in nest number two. Am quite certain number five is there today…will check later in day. also going to check BC chickadee in birdhouse for eggs…lots of fluffly nesting material ~ that nest sure looks comfy!


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Robins ~ Finches

Pair American Goldfinches 5-5-23

2 responses to “Robins ~ Finches”

  1. Texas Bird Family says:

    We plan to check the mockingbird nest today. I will be sure to share the photos. They should have hatched so I’m excited to see the nestlings. We have lots of baby House Sparrows, some baby House Finches, and a baby cardinal.

  2. Paula says:

    Fifth egg in HF nest…just checked. Wish I could see what’s going on with the chickadees!

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