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Mandy Gerace

Chalfont, PA, USA


I had to tell my son he couldn’t practice basketball in the driveway because there was a robin nesting on the back of the board, and at first he thought I was joking. I recently told my kids to watch out for mourning doves nesting in the trellis over the back gate entry we use multiple times a day. They only watch us wide eyed as we come and go, but the robins have a tendency to dive-bomb us when we walk by their nests. I now park under the net every day, just so he doesn’t absentmindedly throw a ball up as he passes by on his way home from school and accidentally scare the birds away. They have nested in the outdoor fan by our back door, and in the light next to our front door, which they quickly abandoned a week ago because of the activity on the front porch. Its become common practice in the early spring to walk out with our arm up shielding our heads from robin attacks the last couple of springs… always makes me laugh!


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Robin nesting on back of basketball hoop in driveway

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