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Burlington, VT, USA


I guess I should recognize this bird but I don’t. Is it just some type of sparrow or someone new to my yard??




I guess Ishould know this bird but I don't. 4-14-23

7 responses to “sparrow?”

  1. Caleb Koser says:

    Female Brown-Headed Cowbird??

  2. paula says:

    Could very well be. Another bird just visited that I haven’t seen before and it looks like a brown-headed cowbird. I’ve never seen them before in my yard. 4-14-23

  3. Paula says:

    Well, I’ve read about their habits so I’ll try not to encourage. Have a nest full of baby house finches that I don’t want anything to happen to. Time to take down the feeders to clean and rake up the seed on the ground. Funny..I just moved the empty bluebird box onto a pole and cowbirds showed up.

  4. pAULA says:

    Welll I’ve never seen them before in my yard. Hope it was a one time visit. Brood parasites..laying their eggs in other birds nests and not even raising their own young!

    • Texas Bird Family says:

      Well, they are native and protected so we can’t do anything about it anyway, and it’s not really any of our business if cowbirds are brood parasites. They were made that way, they didn’t just become this way. They have always done this. These birds have been living together for the same amount of time. What gives us the right just to illegally kill eggs and cowbirds just for the sake of it?

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