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Augustine Lee

East Russell QLD, Australia


I was observing & photographing the Large-Bill Gerygone tend to their chicks when I captured this incident. A number of times I have seen both the Olive-Back Sunbird & Large-Bill Gerygone trying to chase each other away without actually coming into contact. It seems the Sunbird looked a bit better off in the fight as it flew off but the 2 L-B Gerygone slowly flew away from near the ground in the Heliconia plants.

The Large-Bill Gerygone & Sunbird has their nest about 2.5m apart.The sunbird nest was a meter from my door on a large fan. I push the fan a further meter away and placed boxes behind the nest so the mum could not see me & this allowed her to spend more time in the nest instead of flying off everytime I walked in and out.
The Sunbird came back a few days ago to lay in the same nest for the 3rd time this year.

Sunbird Fight Large-Bill Gerygone In Nest

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