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terri sandvik

College Station, TX, United States


Nests in boxes

Texas Rat Snake In Eastern Bluebird Nesting Box

Texas Rat Snake in Eastern Bluebird nesting box, it consumed 5 young & unknown adults

5 responses to “Texas Rat Snake in Eastern Bluebird nesting box”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Sorry to hear it. When was this taken?

  2. Very sad, when it could have, likely, been prevented by mounting the box on a free standing pole, with a predator guard.

  3. terri sandvik says:

    May 2015, it is on a free standing pole & we are not allowed to use predator guards on this property

  4. Vern Harrington says:

    Thee eggs did not hatch out. Can someone tell me what the probable cause of this would be???There were 5 eggs in the nesting box and they were mostly covered over by the nest.It almost looked like a new nest was being built on top of the eggs.

  5. Dawn says:

    So sad

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