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David Campbell

Azusa, CA, USA


There’s been a history of 5 or 10 years where a nest was in the adjacent tree. This nest grew and grew til last March, 2018 it just collapsed in high winds falling apart over the month, despite their efforts to repair. They had hatched a few eggs and the juveniles matured and departed. With the nest gone, one had to wonder if this pair would return. in September we noticed sticks at this tree in the picture about 20 yards from the former nest. This picture represents the first time 11/14 we saw the eagle at the nest. and then last week 11/21 we saw the eagle inside the nest. It’s a much poorer picture, since I didn’t want to disturb. Today, I went by during a storm and saw no activity, but I trust they are close.


Open cup nests

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Species: Bald Eagle

The Guarding Their Finished New Nest.

This is the first site of both bird and nest together. Only visit at the end of a road bike climb on Wednesdays.

One response to “The guarding their finished new nest.”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    I’m glad they decided to come back and rebuild.

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