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Villages Of Bear Creek, TX, USA


The Peep (As he has been named since the day I met him) looks so much better!

I figured out why he was so skinny and got attacked! Mockingbirds are supposed to have 2 weeks with their mother feeding them (Which he had) and 2 weeks of training from their father (The Peep didn’t get any training from his father which means he didn’t learn how to eat or defend himself.) The poor Peep would sit outside and scream all day at his mother and she wouldn’t feed him because she thought the father was taking care of him. The poor little guy. I’m so glad he’s looking better! He looked so bad before. (Much much worse than the pictures above.)



The Mockingbird Who Got Attacked By The Other Mockingbirds Looks So Much Better! Part 1

The Peep (I took this picture yesterday)

3 responses to “The mockingbird who got attacked by the other mockingbirds looks so much better! Part 1”

  1. Texas Bird Family says:

    The Peep is practicing sitting on chimneys.

  2. I heard that you want tips for attracting chickadees.Go to the carolina & the black-capped chickadee nestplan on nestwatch,look at the range for yourself,I don’t think they live where you live,but maybe the carolina.

  3. Any tips for attracting Mockingbirds & Goldfinchs?

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