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Nancy Fitzgerald

Fenton, MI, USA


Tree swallow



Tree Swallow

I think this is a tree swallow. Seen at our cottage in Fenton, MI

5 responses to “Tree swallow”

  1. Micah Grove says:

    This is not a Tree Swallow, it is a White-breasted Nuthatch, check out this link:

  2. Owls3.0 says:

    This is actually a White-breasted Nuthatch, Nancy. They are very cute, intriguing little birds, almost like woodpeckers and they like to hang upside down. Let us know if you find them nesting!!

  3. Owls3.0 says:

    OOPs! I didn’t see that Micah had commented already (my screen didn’t load) 🙂

  4. Coco Quinn says:

    It’s definitely a White-brested Nuthatch.

  5. Jordan P says:

    Cute little bird!

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