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Kelleigh Farr

Lower Truro, NS, Canada


On the 30th of May I noticed that the female tree swallow wasn’t really leaving the nest box, so I thought that she probably laid at least one of her eggs. Just to give her some space, I decided to wait till today to check on them. In the photo, there are three visible eggs; but I believe that there may be one more underneath of some of the feathers.


Nests in boxes


Tree Swallow Eggs!

Tree Swallow Eggs!

4 responses to “Tree Swallow Eggs!”

  1. I just realized that I made a few typos in my photo description. Sorry about that lol.

    Also thought that I would mention my Instagram page:
    Please consider giving me a follow!

  2. Paula says:

    Love the feather cushions! 6-11-23

  3. Caleb Koser says:

    That’s fine. I mess up to. Anyway, Cool!

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