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Bill F & Lori B.

Bridgeport, New York, United States


This little guy is nesting in a tube on a Gun range (Trap range actually) in Bridgeport, NY,
right on the edge of the NYS management area known as Cicero Swamp.
We didn’t disturb him too much, but it looks like
eggs may be inside, because two of them are guarding the tube.
We think he’s a Tree Swallow? but we’re not pros.
This little bird must be an NRA Member, and was eating insects so he’s ok with us. 🙂
The noise must not bother the birds? Its an active range.
I always see lots of cool, out of the ordinary birds at this range, this is the first one we photographed.


Nests in boxes


Tree Swallow Nesting On A Gun Range :)

Cool little guy or gal.

2 responses to “Tree Swallow Nesting on a Gun Range :)”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    You are correct, this bird is indeed a Tree Swallow.

  2. Zoe says:

    is the bird in the picture male of female? correct me if I’m wrong, it looks like a male ( I’m no expert ) I have TONS of tree swallows ( Tachycinata bicolor, is it? ) where I live and they are just about my favorite bird ( actually I don’t have a favorite bird since I love many different kinds ) I hope the eggs hatch and fledge successfully! Good luck!

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