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John Stimson

Glendora, CA, United States


A turkey vulture perched on top of the dead trunk of a sycamore tree in the morning sun, apparently drying off and warming up from the heavy rains of the previous day and evening. The trunk is hollow and is the home of a family of acorn woodpeckers, who could be heard off in the distance, waiting for the vulture to leave.




Turkey Vulture Drying Out In The Morning Sun

4 responses to “Turkey vulture drying out in the morning sun”

  1. max mckenna says:

    nice bird

  2. David Campbell says:

    Peckers are so aggressive, right? There’s no way this TV is nesting here, is there? I have a palm tree with 5 or 6 in Monrovia, but I can’t figure out if they go to their nests overnight? They all seem to just hang out all night like this guy and then leave all day. I don’t see the incubation activities?

  3. Ann says:

    I have spotting turkey vultures on Sierra Madre in Glendora almost daily this week. Is that unususl

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