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Mason H.

Indiana, USA


Two sparrow nests found in a field, ID needed!


Breeding birds

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Unknown Sparrow Nests!!

This nest was found in a field under some fallen over dead grasses. The female was a sparrow that looked to have dark streaks on her chest, perhaps a song sparrow?

3 responses to “Unknown Sparrow Nests!!”

  1. Texas Bird Family says:

    I believe that they are Song Sparrow nests based on Google pictures. Try to get a photo of the females.

  2. Mason H. says:

    Thank you! The eggs in one nest seem different from the others. Is that amount of variation in egg coloration normal when it comes to Song Sparrows?

    • Texas Bird Family says:

      You’re welcome. Eggs themselves can have a lot of variety. Was this egg bigger? If it was a big white egg with brown speckles then it might be a cowbird egg.

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