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Caroline Soles

Aldersyde, Alberta, Canada


I was wandering around my yard, fall clean up. I looked to my left (merely by accident) in the direction of a mini junk yard my husband has accumulated over the years, and I saw this wee bird!! Obviously an owl, but I had no idea which one because this was a first for me! I only had my iPhone with me, and not wanting to disturb, I took a terrible zoom picture. I called my beau to bring out the good camera, and though they are okay, my girlfriends camera did a better job. Though I was cautious and quiet, it still decided to leave its original “junk pile” to fly into our row of Spruce trees, and she followed to get this shot, so in reality it is her submission on my membership!!
I will however also post the iPhone shot, if I can figure out how to stop it from rotating, so that you can see where I initially found it!



Wee Wonder

2 responses to “Wee Wonder”

  1. Caroline Soles says:

    This is my first submission. Does anyone know how to remove the extra copies, and rotate the Junk Yard bird???

  2. Robyn Bailey says:

    Thanks for sharing, Caroline. I rotated the photo for you, but when I deleted the extras, they just came back. So, I’ll try to work on that.

    Get a nest box plan for saw-whet owls here:

    Good birding!

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