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Stephen Gates

Ranchos de Taos, NM, USA

Western Bluebirds In Kayak Helmet

Western Bluebirds growing up in my shed in a kayak helmet hanging near the ceiling. I had to quit going in there to avoid scaring the mamma off the nest. They all flew out and hung out in my orchard until ready to head south. Mom blew off the nest box I'd built in favor of these much nicer digs, deep in my shed. Had to leave the door open until they left, a small price to pay to watch these little ones grow and head outside.

One response to “Western Bluebirds in kayak helmet”

  1. BETTE A. WOOD says:

    thank you for the picture and what is going on in your shed.
    Good-luck with the babies.

    Bette W.

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