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Heart ForNature

Danville, KY 40422, USA


Yesterday, I got my first hummingbird. (A male Ruby-Throat.) it hovered above the feeder, stuck his bill inside for about 2 seconds, and then quickly flew away. (Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me so I couldn’t get a photo.) I haven’t seen any hummers since. I cleaned and refilled the feeder, but still none came. I’m wondering if they were afraid of the other birds. Since they’re so small, maybe bigger birds over by their food made them feel unsafe? I had another feeder out in the front yard (with no other bird feeders, just a nectar) and they didn’t come to that either. But our dogs do love chasing birds and rabbits, and they bark at everything! (Even sometimes birdsong!) I have been trying to keep them in as much as possible, but I moved the feeder a few hours ago, so I hope the hummers will start coming soon. Does anyone else have ANY ideas on how to get them to come? Hummingbirds are my favorite bird, so I’d really enjoy some info, no matter how simple or complicated. Thx!



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Why Aren’t Any Hummers Coming To My Feeder?

As you can see in this picture, I used to have the hummingbird feeder with all the other bird feeders.

7 responses to “Why aren’t any hummers coming to my feeder?”

  1. Lynn H says:

    Moving the hummingbird feeder would is good idea, since hummingbirds don’t like to eat close to the other seed eating birds.

  2. Micah Grove says:

    They could be scared of biger birds, but my guess is they may have not settled down for the year, so they are still moving around. I don’t think that it is because you moved the feeder.

  3. HeartForNature says:

    Ok. Thank you, so much! I’ve been wishing they were here for a month now, and actually SEEING one at my feeder, then none coming back is driving me insane!!!

  4. Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi – you may have some luck contacting Project FeederWatch – another project here at the Cornell Lab. They specialize in the latest research in bird feeding, and can offer you advice. Contact them at

  5. Coco Quinn says:

    Yes, i agree with everyone else. They are probably scared of the other birds, and the feeder is to close for comfort. 😉

  6. HeartForNature says:

    Thank you guys! I’ll move it.

  7. HeartForNature says:

    Unfortunately Holly, I don’t have the app “Mail” so it’s not letting me open that link. 😔😕

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